Multimedia Lab (MMLab)


Sofie Van Hoecke

Steven Verstockt

Graaf Karel de Goedelaan 5
8500 Kortrijk
0486 56 96 09


The research topics of MMLab at UGent are video coding and compression, game technology, media adaptation and delivery, multimedia information retrieval and understanding, knowledge representation and reasoning, multimedia applications, and information retrieval from speech, music and audio.


Universiteit Gent - Campus Kortrijk


Multimedia Lab (MMLab) is a research group within Ghent University (UGent - Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Department of Electronics and Information Systems), founded in 2001.


Multimeda Lab has a wide range of project activities, including fundamental/basic research, applied research, and contract-based research with industrial partners. Besides, MMLab is doing scientific consultancy for both industrial and governmental partners and is one of the founding research groups of iMinds. Example projects are, amongst other, serious game against cyberbullying, multi-sensor smart home surveillance, dynamic e-health monitoring dashboards, diagnostic and monitoring platform for headache patients, mobile home rehabilitation, etc.

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